What is cannabis product? - Séfanie Racine

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What is cannabis product?

What is cannabis product? - Séfanie Racine

Over the years Cannabis have struggled from being a prohibited item in so many societies to currently being accepted in some of the societies that once prohibited it. We hear stories of so many countries and states currently legalizing Cannabis and this has creating an evolving industry. It is not uncommon to see politicians currently trying to gain votes from voters by trying to woo voters with the promise of weed legalization if they win an election.

Most countries also do not want to lose out on the booming weed industry, hence the legalization of cannabis in this countries. It has become a regular occurrence to hear about a housewife or a student who started making some huge amounts of cash by just baking and selling some edibles from weed. The corporate word are not relenting and as such are spreading their tentacles to also have a piece of the ‘ice-cake’ coming from the marijuana market. 

Despite this progress, marketing of these products online  have not been as easy as expected as it has been meet with stiff opposition from most of the top tech firms. For example, it is impossible to advertise marijuana through one of the prominent search engine ‘Google’ it is sad to note that even if cannabis is legalized in the state where the prospective advertiser is advertising from. Despite these setbacks, the cannabis industry is on a rising spree and has gained lots of popularity over the decade.

Thanks to CBD and THC, both products have played a major role in the popularity and acceptance of cannabis product round the globe with its unique set of products which seem to be endless. It has also improved the rating of cannabis among the conservative set as they view products from CBD and THC as medically relevant. This products have also made the ingestion of cannabis fun as cannabis can be ingested in so many forms such as smoking, ingesting, vamping and also through the skin. Some popular cannabis products includes 

  • Cannabis oil: Cannabis oil is currently one of the most popular sought after cannabis product, if not the most popular. Lots of persons currently use Cannabis oil for medical purpose such as anxiety relieve, nausea relieve and also pain reliever. Cannabis oil contain very little amount of THC and as such might not get stoners as high as they would like but it gets the job done when it comes to various forms of relieve especially in terms of some medical ailments. Also cannabis oil is used in treatment of some ailment such as cancer, epilepsy and some other forms of ailment. CBD oil can be gotten at some approved dispensaries.
  • Cannabis Chocolate: Who says you can’t get high with chocolate. What a time to be alive. Imagine having two of your favorite items together, yes you guessed right. Weed rapped in chocolate. Edibles have become very popular and common cannabis weed producers are Kiva and Defonce. The cannabis chocolate also contains THC, a great way to get high if you do not want to smoke weed.
  • Cannabis Gummies: Imagine getting high while having some sweets. Amazing right? Now don’t just imagine it, because yeah its reality, and no you are not high hearing this. Get some sweets and get high. Although cannabis gummies are still unregulated, it has gained lots of popularity.
  • Cannabis Beauty and Skin Care Products: People don’t need to be high to appreciate your beauty. You can actually get people high with your beauty with cannabis beauty and skin care products, just kidding. On a serious note there are lots of beauty products that are manufactured from weed. Outside the regular use, this products also have some additional benefits such as pain relief, hydration and lots more.
  • Cannabis Beverage: Have decided not to have alcohol again. Why get some liquor when I can get some cannabis beverage. No more AA meetings, bye to life of an alcoholic, kidding. You can actually get cannabis infused cocktails in some states like LA and Colorado. Cannabis beverage can be found in states where cannabis have been legalized or decriminalized.